MidCoast Business Chamber

The MidCoast Business Chamber supports and works in collaboration with its members, businesses, MidCoast Council, government and community to inform good decision making impacting the region’s future.

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We encourage all businesses to join their local chamber to help add to the voice of business in their region so that their opinions are heard and included in the shaping of our region.

In the MidCoast Local Government Area there are seven Business Chambers and one Business and Community Association:


How did we come into existence?

After amalgamation in May 2016 MidCoast Council’s Executive Team recognised the need to have an effective and efficient channel of communication between the businesses of or our large region and all the levels of government involved in making decisions that affect our business environment.

MidCoast Business Chamber was formed as that channel.  Its directors will assist the Economic Development Team of MidCoast Council to understand business impacts and deliver strategies that consider the best economic and community outcomes for all whilst respecting the limited resources of the region.

Who are we?

At its roots, it is a group of dedicated and passionate business owners donating their time to represent the business perspective in the betterment of the region that they work rest and play in.

In terms of structure, it is a Company Limited by Guarantee, its members are Chambers of Commerce of various towns and its directors are nominated by the members of those chambers to represent them in dealings with the layers of government.

What do we do?

Our directors face the challenge of assisting with the region’s Economic Development.  This is not a straightforward task, “Economic development is a mongrel field”, and governments have an important role to play in it.  It is our role to help all levels of government gain additional insight from the experiences of business that can lead to better decision making for our communities.

MidCoast Business Chamber has defined its direction with an emphasis on establishing itself as the voice of business, influencing and informing the decisions which will shape this region in the years to come.

Our key objectives:

With the help of NSW Business Chamber, we developed the objectives below to guide us when striving to achieve strong Economic Development for the region:

  1. Creating a proactive, inclusive and collaborative business community, who will work together for the betterment of themselves and the region.
  2. Develop initiatives to support the development of MidCoast Business Community.
  3. Establish a region wide stakeholder engagement strategy.
  4. Endeavour to establish a best in practice governance approach to conducting business.